( December 29, 2009 )

Leila Chicot – Renaissance 2009

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( December 27, 2009 )

Cool Renaissance images

A few nice renaissance images I found:

07-12-31 renaissance skylight
Image by justindula
from the second story of the renaissance hotel. 12/31/07

Lovely lass with long brown hair in the parade at the Texas Renaissance Festival
Image by Alaskan Dude
Part of the Texas Renaissance Fair (TRF) is a daily parade at noon around all the villages. This is pretty cool to watch but hard to photograph due to the dappled lighting. This is a good way to get an idea of who is part of the Fair but unfortunately I only saw some of these characters at the parade and no where else.

I took this photo at the TRF near Plantersville, Texas on the first weekend of November 2010.

2011 Bay Area Renaissance Festival
Image by Lon Fong
A friend of mine, Hector Stewart, who has an incredible talent of his own in photography took this a few weeks ago of my husband and I at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival. I’m posting this for my wonderful friends here on Flickr who’ve asked where I’ve been, of late.

Between this and work (and being ill at the start of this year), not to mention a few other time consuming obligations, I’ve had to take a short hiatus from photography.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! I can’t wait to see your wonderful visual creations, my friends!


( December 25, 2009 )

Minnesota Renaissance Festival – My Favorite Minnesota

Renaissance Festival: Shakopee I love this place ’cause I can speak with a fake English accent all day long and pretend I’m in a Monty Python movie. If you’re a single woman you’re guaranteed to find a knight in shining armor. Ha. It’s a big costume party and you can get hooked up with some period dress right on site. Actors stay in character and the “kingdom” is made up of permanent structures that look totally authentic. It could be Middle Earth if you know what I mean. Everything is “Ye Olde” like the Ye Old giant turkey legs that you can rip apart to the Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe where you can get a Ye Olde latte. There’s a place to whiz tomatoes at unruly peasants’ heads, make funny wax “hang loose” molds of your hand, and I usually never leave without getting an elephant to chauffer me around. It’s definitely a throw back in time. It’s total Ye Olde sweet. See more about cool Minnesota stuff at My Favorite Minnesota www.exploreminnesota.com Don’t forget www.exploreminnesota.com

www.imamuseum.org IMA – Indianapolis Museum of Art Conservation of a Renaissance work by Sebastiano Mainardi Sebastiano Mainardi: The Science of Art; Conservation of a Renaissance Altarpiece. A behind-the-scenes look at the examination and conservation treatment of a large Italian Renaissance painted altarpiece by Sebastiano Mainardi. For more information visit www.imamuseum.org/mainardi

( December 24, 2009 )

Renaissance – Northern Lights

Promo video from one of my favorite bands of all time. *****Please message me if you happen to have any rare Renaissance concert footage. *****
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( December 22, 2009 )

Human Marionette at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

Here are some highlights of a set with me as Pinnochia the Marionette at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in 2006.
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View images from this exhibition: www.metmuseum.org This exhibition explores the various exceptional objects created to celebrate love and marriage in the Italian Renaissance. The approximately 150 objects, which date from about 1400 to the mid-16th century, range from exquisite examples of maiolica and jewelry given as gifts to the couple, to marriage portraits and paintings that extol sensual love and fecundity, such as the Metropolitan’s Venus and Cupid by the great Venetian artist Lorenzo Lotto. The exhibition also includes some of the rarest and most significant pieces of Renaissance glassware, cassone panels, birth trays, and drawings and prints of amorous subjects. Exhibition on view November 18, 2008 – February 16, 2009 Curatorial Talk to staff given by Andrea Bayer, curator, Department of European Paintings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

( December 21, 2009 )

Renaissance – Carpet Of The Sun

an unplugged version of a classic song. Enjoy! Thanks to all who have posted Renaissance/Annie Haslam. If anyone has any more to share, I humbly grovel at your feet to post them.
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( December 19, 2009 )

Renaissance Man pt. 6

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( December 17, 2009 )

Renaissance Man pt. 2

Renaissance Man full movie pt. 2. enjoyy!

Renaissance Man
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( December 13, 2009 )


beatmania IIDX (DDR Extreme)
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The GoldRing is the rotating circle of light sealing spiritual bodies in fields of pure harmonic vibration. Enlightenment continuously combines and connects spiritual beings into absolute oneness. Higher non-physical ethereal energies given through the power of the galactic central suns manifest the electromagnetic waves and charged bodies of sentient life into physical points of existence. Beings of all levels of manifestation that have polarity, spin and power interweave in relationships to create universal expression.
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( December 10, 2009 )

Renaissance Man pt. 5

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Blackmore’s Night Renaissance faire
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