( June 13, 2011 )

Renaissance Musik

Verschiedene Kunstwerke der Renaissance – Begleitmusik Miserere nostri von Giovanni Pietro Aloisio Sante da Palestrina
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Το τρειλερ απο την ομωνυμη μινι-ταινια. Honors for this video (17) // 16-05-09 (to 23-05-09) #92 – Most Discussed (Today) #2 – Most Discussed (Today) – Sports #13 – Most Discussed (This Week) – Sports #14 – Most Viewed (Today) – Sports – Germany #79 – Most Viewed (Today) – Sports – Australia #78 – Most Viewed (Today) – Sports – United Kingdom #18 – Most Viewed (Today) – Sports #27 – Most Viewed (Today) – Sports – Russia #39 – Most Viewed (Today) – Sports – Sweden #67 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Sports – Russia #38 – Top Favorited (Today) #2 – Top Favorited (Today) – Sports #5 – Top Favorited (This Week) – Sports #48 – Top Favorited (This Month) – Sports #2 – Top Rated (Today) – Sports #7 – Top Rated (This Week) – Sports #51 – Top Rated (This Month) – Sports 36631 views in one week !!!!!!! metrosport “Ένα θαυμάσιο βίντεο. ένα εξαιρετικό βιντεάκι, που είναι μοναδικής αισθητικής, άψογο σαν εικόνα και σαν ήχος. Αξίζει τον κόπο να το δείτε και να το απολαύσετε.” paokmania “Το καλύτερο βίντεο όλων των εποχών!”
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( June 12, 2011 )

Renaissance with Danny Howells @ Ottakringer Brauerei (Slideshow)

19.01.2008 – Slideshow Danijel Baric & friends @ Renaissance Vienna with Danny Howells @ Ottakringer Brauerei Djs on the decks: Star Dj DANNY HOWELLS (England) – for me the best dj worldwide, Muzzaik (Hungary), Belocca & Soneec (Hungary), Pray For More (Austria), M.Moll (Austria), Dean Orello (Croatia/Austria) freunde/friends on the photos: Ivica, Ricci aka Saliva, Daniel, Ivan, Mario aka Ray McPhoney, Neno, Diyet,… great time with Danny Howells (great man, great dj!) remember Global Underground & Nu Breed, and the 2 times Radio 1 Essential Mix – WOW! & bosnian/croatian RAKIJA 🙂 boschnisch/kroatischer Schnaps, Schliwowitz Progressive, Electro, Electronic, Electronica, Techno, Tribal, Funky, Freaky, Dirty, Crazy, Ibiza, Balearic, Tech, Trance, Underground, Acid, Deep, Vocal, Minimal…House Music lied, track, tune, sound: Danny Howells – Pres Jamloops Vol 2 – A – Sexmachine (Original Mix)
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( June 10, 2011 )

RENAISSANCE – Widdicombe Fair Pre- Annie Haslam

Renaissance was the band formed by Jim McCarthy and Keith Relf following the split of the Yardbirds in 1968. The band recorded their first album the self titled Renaissance album in 1969. Following the album’s release the band embarked on a series of live dates in Europe and America. In 1970 they also began recording their second album Illusion which received a limited release in Europe in early 1971. By the time the album was released the band had become so fragmented that none of the original members were left in the band! Renaissance would however continue with various line ups until stabilising in the early seventies with the line up that would go on to massive critical and commercial success led by vocalist Annie Haslam.
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( June 9, 2011 )

Band of Brothers

st. crispin’s day speech on renaissance man

As I was asked by Azalais, I present in this clip the Renaissance guitar, small instrument made by the excellent maker Stephen Murphy (you can judge with the images and the sound f the instrument I played on my CD).

( June 2, 2011 )

Cantiga 119

This Cantiga is just one of the great selections in the Book/CD (or CD only) titled “Mandolin Music for Medieval Faires.” It’s a great collection of music and you can get it at our site www.guitarandlute.com or if you want just a download of this tune for 99 cents at Soundclick. We love music and work with a publisher to create the best Book collections that we can. We offer many collections for Mandolin, Guitar, Lute, Cello, Flute, Violin and Piano. We also offer CDs and other sheet music. We love what we do. You can also hear our music on Soundclick at www.soundclick.com www.soundclick.com Our Books for Mandolin 1 – Mandolin Music for Renaissance Faires Book/CD 5/5/2008 2 – Mandolin Music for Medieval Faires Book/CD 3 – Medieval Music for Mandolin Book/CD 4- Medieval Music for Mandolin Vol II Book/CD 5- Renaissance Music for Mandolin Book/CD 6- Music of Spain & South America for Mandolin Book/CD 7 – Traditional Dance Music of Spain & South America Book/CD 8 – Early Dance Music for Mandolin Book/CD 9 – Celtic Music for Mandolin Book/CD Including Renaissance Dances & Early Music 10 – Christmas Music for Mandolin Allan & Aleksandra

2008.1.10 Yokohama Ocean Live BCV&Kohei

( May 31, 2011 )

Renaissance Idol – Texas Renaissance Festival Auditions

A funny parody of American Idol set against a Renaissance backdrop. The Texas Renaissance Festival is holding their annual auditions next month and would like to invite you to come be a Renaissance Idol. Check out texrenfest.com for more information!
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( May 28, 2011 )

Renaissance – Ocean Gypsy

Renaissance – Ocean Gypsy
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Moments of truth 1975 Turn Of The Card Tour Prorlogue : 1st Album SideA-1
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( May 26, 2011 )

Renaissance Lecture Notes [5 of 5]

Renaissance lecture notes

Wendy McColm goes to the Renaissance fair and does some medieval things.
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( May 23, 2011 )

Guilford Renaissance Fair 2010 – The Joust pt1

This is footage of a live jousting reenactment event at the Guilford Renaissance fair held in Guilford CT in May 2010. The plot involved Prince John forcing a jousting duel between Ivan Ho and Sir Gilbert, the winner determining if the captured Robin Hood would live or die. It was pretty damned entertaining and more than just a joust, which we never expected.

( September 25, 2010 )


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Piffaro Renaissance Music Band premiers Epiphany Vespers by Kile Smith, the Crossing Choir conducted by Donald Nally. Moving music performed on ancient instruments accompanied by a modern choir creates a singular performance of excellence, eloquence, peace and love.
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