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The inset pictured here is separately sold for German Gown. It is used to provide a lift to the bosom and hold the tummy in. A number of colors are available so that you can experiment with your look and change the look of your German Gown. Made in the U.S.A.


Sofi's Stitches

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Weight 2 lbs

24-26, purple, 24-26, red, 24-26, navy, 24-26, rouge, 24-26, hunter-green, 27-29, purple, 27-29, red, 27-29, navy, 27-29, rouge, 27-29, hunter-green, 30-32, purple, 30-32, red, 30-32, navy, 30-32, rouge, 30-32, hunter-green, 36-38, purple, 36-38, red, 36-38, navy, 36-38, rouge, 36-38, hunter-green, 39-41, purple, 39-41, red, 39-41, navy, 39-41, rouge, 39-41, hunter-green, 42-44, purple, 42-44, red, 42-44, navy, 42-44, rouge, 42-44, hunter-green


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